Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Updates and Upcoming Benefits

The Daily Mining Gazette featured a story about Huntar's situation, and a number of benefits are taking place during the month of June across the Upper Peninsula.

June 5: Bleacher's Sports Bar in Hancock- Karaoke Night 8pm-2am, part of the proceeds will go to the Huntar Gustafson Fund

June 11, 12, & 13: Benefit Yard Sale: 117 New York St, Ishpeming. Friday Noon-7, Saturday and Sunday 9am-3pm. To donate or help out contact Amy at 906 225 5594 or Amber at 906 362 4441

Another Benefit Yardsale will be held in the Copper Country the last weekend in June. More information will be coming soon.

This is what I know in terms of an update:

1) Through the power of social networking and folks spreading the word contact was made with a doctor downstate who knows a couple of other doctors who may be able to help Huntar. A copy of the imaging studies done has been sent to them for review. At this point, we are just waiting to hear back from them.

2) Barb's dad has been trying to get to the bottom of what exactly caused the services in Minnesota to be denied. It appears that the insurance was willing to pay a percentage of the cost, but the hospital was not willing to accept that percentage. I believe that there are a few lawyers involved at this point, as there was a question as to whether the hospital was in violation with their Medicaid contract/agreement in denying Huntar's care. Everyone seems to be pointing fingers at everyone else and no formal denial of services has been received in writing, although it has been requested.

3) Huntar seems to be doing well at this point, but we are still looking at any options out there. If you have any other suggestions or recommendations please continue to pass the information along.

Thanks for your continued support!

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  1. Thank you for keeping us all posted. Thinking of all of you.